Your own development team in Ukraine

No middleman

Add technical expertise to your business with the help of tech talent in Ukraine.

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We build, maintain, and support dedicated offshore software development teams managed directly by our clients

Why Choose the Dedicated Team Model Over Project Outsourcing?

You’ll never work with someone from our bench - we don’t have one! We initiate the recruitment process only after clarifying your requirements, and you interview the candidates yourself.

Our software developers are your full-time employees. You, your tech lead, or your project manager communicate with the dedicated development team directly. No middlemen, no miscommunication.

You pay your developers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services.


Hire software developers in Ukraine in a predictable and flexible way with 100 percent control over development process

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Lviv, Ukraine

Add tech expertise to your business with the help of tech talent in Ukraine

Build your development team with SUNVERY

Talent pool

Build a team of experienced software developers in Ukraine within 5 to 6 weeks. Get access to 185,000 software and app developers in Ukraine skilled in a range of technologies

Admin support

For a flat monthly fee, we take care of payroll, taxes, office management, HR, and retention. That means no back-office hassle.

Flexible model

You can increase or decrease the size of your development team with only one month’s prior notice.

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Frequently asked questions

  • You literally get your own office in Ukraine without having to invest in office space, hire support staff, or deal with the legal formalities. 


  • While a lot of outstaffing vendors out there will try to set clients up with developers from existing teams, our approach is to start from scratch and make sure you get the talent you’re really looking for. We undertake custom recruitment and face-to-face interviews for each client, no matter how large or small.


  • Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we never “share” your software engineers with other clients. Our developers are dedicated to one project at a time, which means they’re giving you their undivided attention. In our experience, that’s the best way to guarantee high-quality code and commitment to the project.

When you build a development team with us, recruitment comes without any additional charges. You don’t pay us anything until you find a developer that meets your needs. After that, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee on top of your developer’s or team’s salary. All further recruitment and replacement services come free of charge, whether you’re making changes to your existing team or considering a major expansion.

  • The software developers you hire with us may work in our facilities, but the work they do belongs to you. We take extra care to make sure your intellectual property stays yours.
  • We sign NDAs with all of our developers, and encourage you to do the same. Further, you’re welcome to use your own email servers or systems, and administer your team’s workstations remotely.
  • Our standard security measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall and antivirus protection, a strictly-enforced password policy, and system administrator support. Additional security measures can be added at your request.

Since we don’t put a management layer between you and your developers, you’re the one running your team. That means you need to have an in-house specialist with a technical background capable of managing remote software developers. If you don’t have someone like that on-site, and if you don’t want to hire one locally, you can add a team lead in Ukraine with us. Overall, running your remote team won’t be all that different from running an in-house team. 

Our office managers and system administrators will make sure your team’s working process is running smoothly. Our retention managers will organize team-building events to help your developers build stronger personal bonds. We’ll also get your developers tickets to local tech events to facilitate their professional growth. 


A dedicated HR/Client Manager will be assigned to your team so that you’ll always know how your developers are doing and can get advice on project management best practices. Our accounting and legal teams will deal with all the administrative issues including payroll, taxes, and social contributions for your offshore software developers.

Once you’ve given us your requirements, our recruiters search our extensive database until they find candidates that fit. After that, you personally interview the candidates you’re interested in and approve the best ones. We can organize as many interview stages as you need to make sure you hire the right people, including code reviews, test assignments, and references from previous employers.

Typically, it takes about 5–6 weeks to build a team, though the exact time frame depends on the type and number of developers you need. If you’re looking for developers with a unique or rare skillset, don’t be surprised if it takes just a little longer to find the right fit. If you’re interested in learning more about time and cost estimates, feel free to contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that there are no costs associated with setting up a team with us. We’ll provide your developers with everything they need to get started, including hardware, software, equipment, furniture, office supplies, and support staff. 

Absolutely. We have several long-term clients with one-developer teams. We can also help if you’re interested in building out your team in the future. 

Sure,  we’ll help you build or expand your team at no additional cost. 

  • We bill you on a monthly basis, rather than hourly. The exact cost of your offshore software development team will vary depending on the number and salary expectations of the developers you hire with us.


  • To give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect in terms of costs for a team, we need to know the number of developers you’re interested in hiring, their level of seniority, and what skills they need to have to be a good match for your company.


  • If you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for, let us know and we can get back to you with quote.

Developers, QA engineers, software analysts, scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, support engineers.


Every language and technology available in Ukraine. There are close to 185k software engineers in Ukraine. The country ranks first globally in the number of Unity3D developers and C++ engineers, and second when it comes to JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers. Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python, along with other languages listed as our expertise are the most common technologies used by Ukrainian developers, but we can help you find engineers with other skills as well. If the skillset you're looking for is so rare that we won't be able to help, we'll let you know right away.